Top 4 Qualities of a Highly Reliable Event App

Mobile technology has continued to pervade the events industry in recent years. One of the most sought after products in the market is the event app.

It is essentially a type of mobile application that you can provide to attendees for them to have a more engaging experience during events. If you have already heard about this type of mobile application, you may want to know what qualities it should have to guide your research. Here are four qualities to look for with this type of app:

  1. iOS and Android Compatibility

One of the first things that you should note is the application’s compatibility to both Android and iOS platforms. Your attendees will most likely carry mobile devices that are Android or iOS-based. Simply opting for a solution that can only cater to one platform would be considered illogical because then not all your attendees will be able to enjoy it.

  1. In-app Messaging

In-app messaging is a form of networking tool that allows your attendees to send messages to one another via the app itself. This is a very helpful feature for your attendees to meet their networking goals for any event. If you are organising a professional or business conference, in-app messaging becomes a good way for attendees to introduce themselves to others even before the event has started.

  1. Push Notifications

The ability of the event app to send push notifications is a nice touch for busy attendees. Push notifications a mechanism for them to be reminded of what’s on their diaries. If the event they are attending requires them to come to arranged meetings, push notifications would give them advanced notice of the time and place for the meetings. Moreover, push notifications can also be used to cascade any announcement from the organisers to the attendees. The messages will simply pop up in any smartphone or tablet.

  1. Social Media Integration

Lastly, one of the most innovative features of an event app is social media integration. Attendees today are very inclined to social media. It is therefore considered a smart move to include a certain functionality in the app that will let attendees communicate to the different social media platforms that they are using. For example, you may integrate a selfie frame within the app and let attendees upload the selfie to Twitter or Instagram with a dedicated event hashtag.

If you would like to delve into the event planning process while using an event app, you may research on the event management app.

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