A Concise Guide in Choosing a Conference Software

A conference software is considered one of the most in demand types of event management solutions. This is only natural since conferences are usually high-grade events. Foremost, the people that will be participating in the event may hold certain qualifications as professionals; their expectations for the event may be high. Secondly, there are some activities in conferences that would require you to equip yourself with specific solutions. Here is a three-step guide to find the best event scheduling software for conferences.

  1. Look for special functions that you need.

As already mentioned above, conferences may have specific components that you should take care of. For example, academic conferences may involve the submission of papers which should be evaluated by a panel of judges. It is therefore important that you look for a software that can specifically cater to this need. There are event management software that include an awards management component for your attendees to easily submit papers and for the evaluation process to proceed in a very fast manner.

  1. Provide networking tools for your attendees.

Professional and business conferences would require you to provide different networking tools for your attendees. This will bring more value to your event since some participants are going for the sole purpose of networking. If you are using a conference software, try to check what networking tools you can provide to your attendees. Common software components that would fall in this category are in-platform messaging, online communities, and matchmaking solutions. Through these features, attendees can create meaningful interactions before, during and after an event.

  1. Establish a registration and ticketing platform.

Last but not the least, all your efforts to organise an event well will be for naught if you cannot provide a platform that allows for easy registration and ticketing. This platform can be one of the integrated systems of a conference management software. All you will have to do is integrate the registration software into your event website. This online functionality will allow prospective attendees to review event details online and register on the spot. This will be convenient for your attendees since many of them do not have time to come to your office or process offline payments for ticket purchase.

Those are only some of the core features that you should look for in an event registration software.

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