6 Reasons Why a Conference Management Software is Essential

The amount of available software products online for event organisers can be overwhelming. This is the reason why you should acquaint yourself with the features of a conference management software before you do your research for software providers. This is one way for you to see if the event management software will meet your specific needs for event planning. You would not want to dive straight into a product without understanding it as well.


To help you manage your conferences, here are the top six features of an event management software:

1.) A conference and event management software may be used for ticketing and registration.

One of the most straightforward functions of a conference and event management software is ticketing and registration. These are cumbersome processes for big events, especially if you are not equipped with any software. Many event organisers who still use paper-based processes find themselves suffering from messy guest lists that may be full of errors. If you are looking for a clear-cut solution that basically automates these processes for you and that will store your data in one place, a conference management software is the right solution.

2.) The best conference management software handles integrations.

Integrations are an important aspect when using the best conference management software. It should be your goal to create an ecosystem within your company that can communicate flawlessly with different event management tools. By investing in a conference management software, you may be able to handle different verticals such as customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing. Look for a solution that will allow you to integrate existing solutions. If you are using online tools like Google Calendar and Dropbox, for example, see if a software provider can consolidate these into their platform.

conference awards

3.) Event conference management software can be used for awards management

An event conference management software can be used for awards management in your events.

Awards are staple in professional conferences where organisers would hold various contests to engage attendees before the event. Specifically, you may use a conference management software to accept entries and facilitate panel reviews. Attendees can simply submit their entries, may these be documents or pictures, and a panel of judges can easily grade them from the same place to determine winners.

4.) Event and conference management software allows you to track ROI

Budget management is one of the in-demand features of event and conference management software. You may be able to sort out financial reports since you can easily track your capital, expenditures, and sales through the software. You may also work with your team members as long as they have access to the conference management software. They may log expenditures for different project aspects as well as access data for easier team collaboration. For complex events, the ability for project and budget management can be considered a godsend for event organisers since it significantly helps in the management of tasks.

5.) A conference planning management software mixes with other technologies

A conference planning management software may also be used to mix with specific technologies such as RFID. Through RFID technology, your attendees may engage themselves in cashless payments for event merchandise and event use wearables to check in at your venue. All of their activities will be logged into the software for you to track their purchases and activities. Try to research for a conference management software that is scalable and which can be easily modified to accommodate emerging event technologies.

6.) A conference registration management software allows you to manage your guest list

Last but not the least, a conference registration management software may be used to manage your guest list. Keeping track of attendees may be difficult for big events with thousands of attendees. Through a registration software, you can easily search for attendees by name as well as confirm their attendance on the day of your event. A conference management software may also be used hand-in-hand with a check-in app to reduce human traffic on the day of your event. Mobile applications now have the ability to read QR codes on attendees’ tickets to allow entry in as fast as two seconds.

In Conclusion

While there may still be other functionalities of a conference management software that you would want to utilise for your events, knowing the basics should give you a clear idea on how such tools can help you with event planning. It is important that you adapt to the times and take advantage of this type of technology if you were to bring a fresh and engaging experience for your attendees. Today, attendees would appreciate that you use efficient tools since they would be able to feel the effects of a well-organised event.

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